Mrs. Patti's 6th Grade Science Class

                     Main Goals For Middle School Students:

1. Students will demonstrate a scientific approach to problem solving.

2. Students will learn the essential principles, concepts, facts, and vocabulary of science.

3. Students will understand the role of science in our scientific, mathematical, and technological world.

4. Students will integrate the sciences with each other and other subject areas.

5. Students will acquire research methods to expand their knowledge of science.

Please see the attached 6th Grade Contract for concerns about Homework, Exams, Labs, Etc.

All Contracts must be signed by both Students and Parents

6th Grade Science Contract.docx 6th Grade Science Contract.docx
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Type : docx
Intro to Science for Parents.pptx Intro to Science for Parents.pptx
Size : 688.381 Kb
Type : pptx
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