Mrs. Patti's 6th Grade Science Class

Below you will find class notes that contain information given to students during lessons. Please understand that not all information given out in class will be posted online. It is the students responsibility to pay attention to all discussions, videos and activities that take place in class in order to better understand the science material. 

See below for a helpful note taking setup for our class:

If any student needs assistance on any of the topics, please feel free to reach out via Jupiter Grades. 

1st Marking Quarter

Unit 1: The Nature of Science & Technology

What Is Science.ppt What Is Science.ppt
Size : 1383 Kb
Type : ppt
Observations and Inferences.ppt Observations and Inferences.ppt
Size : 6214.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Critical Thinking.ppt Critical Thinking.ppt
Size : 979 Kb
Type : ppt
Scientific Method.ppt Scientific Method.ppt
Size : 391 Kb
Type : ppt
Variables in Experiments.ppt Variables in Experiments.ppt
Size : 900.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Scientific Inquiry.pptx Scientific Inquiry.pptx
Size : 2147.525 Kb
Type : pptx
Science, Society & You.pptx Science, Society & You.pptx
Size : 3094.069 Kb
Type : pptx

Unit 1B:  Computer Science & Program Coding

Project GUTS Module 1.pptx Project GUTS Module 1.pptx
Size : 2824.333 Kb
Type : pptx

2nd Marking Quarter 

Unit 2: Forces & Energy

Forces.ppt Forces.ppt
Size : 672.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Calculating Net Force.pdf Calculating Net Force.pdf
Size : 1551.504 Kb
Type : pdf
Newton's Laws of Motion (revised).ppt Newton's Laws of Motion (revised).ppt
Size : 886 Kb
Type : ppt
Concept Summary- Newton's Laws.doc Concept Summary- Newton's Laws.doc
Size : 71 Kb
Type : doc
Concept Summary- Friction & Gravity.doc Concept Summary- Friction & Gravity.doc
Size : 68 Kb
Type : doc
Key Concept Summary- What is Energy.doc Key Concept Summary- What is Energy.doc
Size : 74 Kb
Type : doc
Sources of Energy.ppt Sources of Energy.ppt
Size : 4737.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Energy Transformations.ppt Energy Transformations.ppt
Size : 1018 Kb
Type : ppt

3rd Marking Quarter

Unit 3: Weather & The Earth's Atmosphere

Air Pressure (Key Concept Summary).doc Air Pressure (Key Concept Summary).doc
Size : 72 Kb
Type : doc

4th Marking Quarter

** Will be posted AFTER 3rd marking period ends**

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