Mrs. Patti's 6th Grade Science Class

Students are REQUIRED to produce Lab Reports after each laboratory experiment.

Lab reports are essential for your grade.

Please follow these rules to successfully create your lab reports:

Writing a Lab Report.ppt Writing a Lab Report.ppt
Size : 734.5 Kb
Type : ppt
NewLabWrite.pdf NewLabWrite.pdf
Size : 70.786 Kb
Type : pdf
labreporttemplate.doc labreporttemplate.doc
Size : 26 Kb
Type : doc
Student Assessment Rublic.doc Student Assessment Rublic.doc
Size : 30 Kb
Type : doc

Any lab report handed in that does not follow these directions will be graded as incomplete and must be re-done. 

Any lab not handed in ON TIME (due to incorrect format/incomplete)  will lose 10 points per school day it is missing until the grade equals a ZERO. 

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