Mrs. Patti's 6th Grade Science Class

Each chapter from our textbook is listed below.

You may access each chapter at any time.

In order to be able to open and use these files you will need Adobe Reader.

Unit 1: The Nature of Science (Textbook Chapter 1)

Glencoe Chapter 1.pdf Glencoe Chapter 1.pdf
Size : 10995.437 Kb
Type : pdf

Unit 2: Forces & Energy (Textbook Chapter 2 & 3)

Glencoe Chapter 2.pdf Glencoe Chapter 2.pdf
Size : 10586.323 Kb
Type : pdf
Glencoe Chapter 3.pdf Glencoe Chapter 3.pdf
Size : 7636.935 Kb
Type : pdf

Unit 3 : Weather and The Atmosphere (Textbook Chapters 4, 6 & 7) 

Glencoe Chapter 4.pdf Glencoe Chapter 4.pdf
Size : 13437.197 Kb
Type : pdf
Glencoe Chapter 6.pdf Glencoe Chapter 6.pdf
Size : 7674.027 Kb
Type : pdf
Glencoe Chapter 7.pdf Glencoe Chapter 7.pdf
Size : 10783.782 Kb
Type : pdf

Unit 4: Life's Structure and Classification (Textbook Chapter 8)

Glencoe Chapter 8.pdf Glencoe Chapter 8.pdf
Size : 9289.942 Kb
Type : pdf

Unit 5: Ecology and Ecosystems (Textbook Chapters 9 & 11)

Glencoe Chapter 9.pdf Glencoe Chapter 9.pdf
Size : 9320.529 Kb
Type : pdf
Glencoe Chapter 11.pdf Glencoe Chapter 11.pdf
Size : 14700.482 Kb
Type : pdf

Below is a link to the actual textbook online

Please read all steps below before going to the website.

Not doing so will make it difficult for you to use the online textbook.


Student online textbook can be found at the website:

1.   Before Clicking on the link above, copy the access code.

        2.  The code is F2A4CC9913

3.   Enter access code F2A4CC9913 in the blank box to be granted the online version of the textbook.         (Case sensitive. Please type as it appears above)

4.   Once the book pops up you will need to locate the bookmark section

which is on the left side of the screen.

5.   Use the page navigator at the bottom of the bookmarks tab to find the specific page you need. You can also click on a specific chapter then use the arrow buttons on the top of the page to scroll through the book.

6.   If you don't know what page number to look for, go to the same bookmark tab but this time click on table of contents. All chapters and pages will be displayed. From there, go to page navigator and locate your page. If you need assistance, please email me at

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